Dress Code

Dress for all members, guests and patrons utilizing the facilities of the GG&CC shall meet a minimum acceptable standard of attire. The dress regulations apply throughout the year. The starter, course officials and G&CC staff will refuse play or service to anyone contravening the dress regulations.

Prohibited Dress

The following are classed as unacceptable attire for GG&CC facilities:

  1. Jeans or jean shorts of any type or colour (clean jeans are permitted in the Clubhouse, but not on the golf course).
  2. Sweat pants, spandex pants, stirrup pants, cut-off pants, swim suits, gym shorts or short shorts
  3. Shirts with slogans or numbers, such as hockey or football jerseys.
  4. Tank tops, singlets (undershirt T-shirts), halter tops, or shirts without some type of collar (turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks are fine).
  5. No shirt.
  6. Footwear with metal spikes, soccer or football type cleats, or have a design that would cause damage to the golf course.
  7. Military uniforms, or portions thereof, are not to be worn, by golfers, on the golf course
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