Learn to Curl League

This is a shortened league to introduce curling to beginners, and making an easy transition to join other leagues that we offer.

Learn to Curl Beginners League runs Friday Nights from 8PM – 10PM starting January 6th until March 3rd (excluding February 3rd) for only $95.00.

We offer instruction to teach everyone the basics of the game including:

  • Throwing Curling Rocks- solving the mystery of the in-turn, out-turn, and how they get the rocks onto the button at the other end.
  • Sweeping- We aren’t cleaning the floors, there really is a purpose to sweeping the ice and we’ll teach you why
  • Strategy- There’s more than just throwing rocks to the button, we’ll give you basic strategy tips to out match your opponent.
  • Etiquette- Curling is a gentleman’s sport, we’ll teach you where you should be to make your games go smoothly
  • Game Play- Putting everything together and you’re ready to play

The instructional sessions can be cold, make sure you dress warmly on the ice.

To register please email office@ggcc.on.ca and include a completed application form below.

Adult Learn To Curl League Registration

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