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The club has a computerized tee time booking system called GGGolf. Members may log on 24 hours a day to make tee times, change times or players, cancel times or players, or just check their times. All Unlimited members have 7 day booking privileges, package players have 5 day booking privileges and  guests have 4 days.

If you are booking for a group or foursome please have membership numbers handy. This will decrease the amount of time it takes to book and increase your and other members satisfaction. The GG&CC introduced an advance booking policy a few years ago. Full Member can book up to 14 days in advance. A nominal non-refundable fee, per tee time (not per golfer) will be charged.

Convenience booking is done by an attendant in the Pro Shop

Singles may book on the system although it is advisable to call the Pro Shop to arrange compatible times and partners.


Requests for a time slot in the lottery can be submitted:

Request Period Times Day Requested (Following Week)
Friday- Monday 21:00 hrs – 11:59am Monday
Saturday-Tuesday 21:00 hrs – 11:59am Tuesday
Sunday-Wednesday 21:00 hrs – 11:59am Wednesday
Monday-Thursday 21:00 hrs – 11:59am Thursday
Tuesday-Friday 21:00 hrs – 11:59am Friday
Wednesday-Saturday 21:00 hrs – 11:59am Saturday
Thursday-Sunday 21:00 hrs – 11:59am Sunday

Your feedback is important please feel free to send email to or use the suggestion box in the club house located near the office or the suggestion book located in the Pro Shop.

    • There is no restriction of the number of guests a member may bring during the course of the season.
    • A member may bring up to 3 guests at one time from Monday to Friday and 1 guest on weekends or holidays. (2 if a second member is in the group)
    • Sat/Sun/Holiday before 12:00, there must be two members in every foursome.
    • Members are responsible for their guests. Please give your guests the information they need to have an enjoyable time. Please make sure your guests check in with the starter before teeing off.

*The lottery is random. When you call in has no bearing as to the time you will receive. There is no need to clog the phone lines at 9:00 pm.


Your feedback is important please feel free to send email to the office.
The committee will be closely monitoring no shows from booked guests and members.

Convenience Booking

For those members that have purchased a full membership, we are now offering the additional convenience of booking up to 14 days in advance. You can use this service 4 times during the summer. There will be a maximum of 1 convenience booking per hour on a first come first serve basis.

The fees are as follows and are non-refundable:

Lead Time Cost
4 – 14 Days $10.00 per time
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