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Ladies - D. St. John Doreen St. John 613-384-1280flossios@hotmail.com
Ladies - J. Berry Jeanette Berry 613-544-9414berry4049@gmail.com
Ladies - J. Noyes Janet Noyes 613-544-3095george.noyes@sympatico.ca
Ladies - L. Freeman Lisa Freeman 613-305-3804jklmfree@hotmail.com
Ladies - M. Craft Margot Craft 613-547-0934mejlucy@hotmail.com
Ladies - M. Williams Margaret Williams 613-384-8695mparkes@ymail.com
Ladies - P. Noble Pia Noble 613-542-1971pnoble11@cogeco.ca
Ladies - P. Shultz Pattie Shultz 613-548-5983patieshultz@hotmail.com
Ladies - R. Lutz Rosemary Lutz 613-583-9266lutzrosemary@gmail.com
Mens - Bailey Brian Bailey 613-767-6672bryan.g.bailey@gmail.com
Mens - Farrow Paul Farrow 613-542-9536wkp.farrow@outlook.com
Mens - Grey Bob Grey 613-767-2811egs_1966@yahoo.com
Mens - Harvey Doug Harvey 613-548-3266dnaharvey@sympatico.ca
Mens - Lutz Doug Lutz 613-484-1358lutzd20@gmail.com
Mens - MacNeil Bob Macneil 613-305-0082macneil.rr@hotmail.com
Mens - Martineau Tom Martineau 613-377-6506peersupportkin@aol.com
Mens - McCormick Bill McCormick 613-888-0812billmccormick@live.ca
Mens - Raaflaub Ted Raaflaub 613-453-6611ted1@cogeco.ca
Mens - RMC Rley Colpitts 204-750-4454s27596@rmc.ca
Mens - Shultz Gary Shultz 613-5390605shultzg@limestone.on.ca
Mens - Williams Wayne Williams 613-384-8695sabrecmp2@gmail.com
Mixed - Campbell Jim Campbell 613-544-2099jlc@kingston.net
Mixed - Dishaw Dwight Dishaw 613-767-1877dishaw550@yahoo.ca
Mixed - Faris Sue Faris 613-546-1269sue.faris@sympatico.ca
Mixed - Freeman Lisa Freeman 613-305-3804jklmfree@hotmail.com
Mixed - Lemieux Andre Lemieux 613-547-2237agmieux@msn.com
Mixed - Lutz Doug Lutz 613-484-1358lutzd20@gmail.com
Mixed - MacNeil Bob MacNeil 547-6511macneil.rr@hotmail.com
Mixed - Noyes Janet Noyes 613-544-3095george.noyes@sympatico.ca
Mixed - Raaflaub Ted Raaflaub 613-547-9280ted1@cogeco.ca
Mixed - Romain Terry Romain 613-353-2129shirlterr@kingston.net
Mixed - Scott Craig Scott 613-331-7175craig_a_scott@hotmail.com
Mixed - Shultz Gary Shultz 613-542-5983shultzg@limestone.on.ca
Mixed - Williams Wayne Williams 613-384-8695sabrecmp2@gmail.com
Open - Dishaw Dwight Dishaw 613-767-1877dishaw550@yahoo.ca
Open - Dube Guy Dube 613-530-6627gdube2@cogeco.ca
Open - Farrow Paul Farrow 613-542-9536wkp.farrow@outlook.com
Open - Gray Bob Gray 613-767-2811egs_1996@yahoo.com
Open - Lemieux Andre Lemieux 547-2237
Open - Lutz Doug Lutz 613-484-1358lutzd20@gmail.com
Open - Martineau Tom Matineau 613-770-8333peersupportkin@aol.com
Open - McCormick Bill McCormick 613-353-6923billmccormick@live.ca
Open - Poirier Phil Poirier 613-531-9128phil.poirier@gmail.com
Open - RMC_1 Ryley Colpitts s27596@rmc.ca
Open - RMC_2 OCdt Hebb
Open - Williams Wayne Williams 613-384-8695sabrecmp2@gmail.com

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