Pace of Play

The official time rating for 18 holes at the GG&CC is 4 hours and 15 minutes. Playing conditions may alter this slightly however all golfers should be able to meet this target comfortably in normal conditions.

If it is determined, by course officials, that players are taking too long to complete their round, they will be required to pick up their balls and move to the next tee.

Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action being taken by the Executive Committee or, in the case of non-members by the General Manager.

Upon being informed of their slow play, any persons who become abusive, either physically or verbally, towards course officials, is subject to the terms of the harassment policy.

What Everyone Can Do To Assist

There are a number of things that each player can do to help speed up pace of play, without people feeling that they are being forced to rush. Please keep these tips in mind:

  • Plan your shot and select your club while approaching your ball. This includes looking for yardages as you approach your ball. It is not a penalty to tell fellow players what yardage signs, sprinkler heads, etc say so please do so
  • Take your practice swing(s) while others are getting ready to hit (as long as you can do so without distracting them in the execution of their shot). Be mentally ready to play your shot as soon as it is your turn
  • Have all members of the group watch when a ball is played so that it can be found more easily
  • If there is doubt about locating the ball, play a provisional
  • Never record your score on or near the green
  • Always leave your bag nearest the route to the next hole
  • Place any extra clubs between the pin and your route back to your bag
  • If playing from a cart always take a choice of clubs when moving away from the cart to your ball
  • As long as it does not affect safety, play ready golf. This means that the first person who is ready hits first (even off of the tee)
  • Allow shorter hitters to go first off of the tee
  • Dont wait until other players have completed their putting before lining up your putts. Line up your putts whenever you can do so without distracting a fellow player.
  • Putt continuously until you hole out, unless restricted by another golfers line.
  • Keep up with the group ahead of you. If you cant, check your timings and consider all ways of speeding up. Let other groups through if you are holding them up and there is space ahead of you.
  • Be polite to other groups. All golfers hit some bad shots, so give them a few minutes to recover.
  • Listen to the marshals. If you are asked to pick up the pace, please do so.