A refund for all or part of the membership fee may be approved by the President for extenuating circumstances such as, lengthy illness, posting etc. In each case, a doctor’s certificate, a posting message, or other legitimate document must be submitted to the President. For refund purposes, the year will be deemed to be a 25-week period commencing 1 May. The refund granted shall be determined using the formula: Total membership fee paid, (based on membership category) multiplied by the number of weeks remaining in the season, divided by 25. This calculation will be made effective the date the request is received. Refunds will not be granted for green fee game packages, range packages or cart packages nor will unused rounds be carried over from year-to-year.


Merchandise purchased from the Pro Shop will only be refunded or exchanged within thirty days and only if accompanied by the original purchase receipt. Upon inspection, if the merchandise appears worn, damaged or used in any way, a refund will not be granted.

Rain Checks

  • This season, rain checks will be issued if there is a significant rainfall or lightning that occurs for longer than 30 minutes. The Golf Shop staff will record when the rainfall first starts and will not hand out a rain check within the first half hour. Drizzle or light rain is not considered.
  • Members are not charged a no show fee if their reservation is cancelled due to a heavy rainstorm. We advise you to email the Golf Shop if you are uncertain about the weather.
  • Rain checks will not be issued for slow play, personal commitments or incomplete rounds due to darkness.
  • Public or Golf Plan rain checks will be issued based on the number of holes played. Please see below:
    • 0-5 holes played = 18 hole raincheck
    • 6-12 holes played = 9 hole raincheck
    • 13+ holes played = no raincheck
  • Rain checks are only valid for the season they are issued.