Tournament Eligibility

The purpose of this document is to outline the Garrison Golf and Curling Clubs (GGCC) policy regarding eligibility for entry in club tournaments.


It is the intent of the Golf Executive committee to ensure that a policy is in place that will provide clear direction with regards to who may or may not enter club events thus ensuring that the integrity of the GGCC membership model provides the greatest benefit for members and is compliant with the GAO on Golf Canada membership agreements.


To be eligible to play in the following tournaments, the entrant must be a full member, in good standing, of the Garrison Golf Club:

  1. Club Championships
  2. St. Lawrence Team Championship
  3. QKIM Intersectionals
  4. Men’s Better Ball Match Play
  5. Presidents Cup Match Play

Package players are permitted (encouraged) to compete in the following events:

  1. Mens Opening
  2. Ladies Opening
  3. Canada Day Tombstone
  4. Ike Senior Mens Field Day
  5. Mens League 
  6. Mens Closing
  7. Ladies League
  8. Ladies Closing

Note 1: If, in the future, a tournament is added, in which the winner qualifies to represent GGCC in another event, that player must be a full member.

Note 2: Package players do not receive handicap privileges as part of their golf package. Package players wishing to play in flighted events may be required to register with the GAO as public players to ensure that they are in possession of a valid handicap.