It is the aim of Canadian Forces Base Kingston, to develop and protect the individuals comprising the Defence Team. The Health, Safety and well being of those who serve the Base, whether as civilian or military, are essential to the effectiveness of the collective efforts in supporting the Base as well as the lodger units comprising Garrison Kingston. Safe work practices must therefore be an overarching principal in all workplaces.

Accordingly, it is the responsibility of both supervisors and workers to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements associated with creating and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. The Chain of Command is charged with the responsibility for General Safety within DND and this responsibility cannot be delegated. The formal guidelines are clearly defined within the DND General Safety Program.

Accidents and injuries always have a cause and a cost. For those injured, this cost is clearly measurable in lost wages, painful suffering, and rehabilitation. When an individual suffers a work related injury, the psychological effect on that person, their family and co-workers can be lasting and detrimental. The practical follow-up to an accidental injury includes investigation, rehabilitation, and replacement worker training add to the total financial cost. Most importantly, when an injury occurs, we have needlessly lost a part of our most valuable resources a person. No one benefits from an injury.

The best way to reduce these costs is to eliminate the causes. Know your role and do your part!