From time to time requests are received from individuals, families or organizations for permission to place a memorial to deceased former members on the golf course. Garrison Golf Club is committed to protecting the beauty and playability of the golf course while providing opportunities for appropriately designed memorials that honour these deceased members. This policy will serve as a guide for the approval of any memorials that may be placed on the golf course property.


The Memorials Policy shall provide a consistent and timely process for Garrison Golf to approve and install requested memorials to deceased former members. Memorials that are placed on the golf course property without the express permission of the golf executive will be removed.


The Superintendent of the GG&CC shall be responsible for

  1. Considering public requests, researching, identifying, and making recommendations to the golf executive committee for approval; and
  2. Once approved, the Superintendent will work with the GG&CC maintenance staff (and donors) to design, acquire, and install approved memorials.

Governing Rules and Regulations

  1. Donors of memorials are asked to consider the needs of the golf course in their request for a location or suitable memorial donation. In the past, memorial donations have primarily been in the form of trees and park benches, used to beautify and enhance the course for all members. While donors may have a preference for a given location
    on the course for their memorial or a specific type of tree, the needs of the course and the course layout must be considered in order to not adversely affect playability or increase maintenance costs, while attempting to respect the wishes of the donors.
  2. Donations of trees and benches will be the only approved memorials to be added to the golf course. The donations may be accompanied by a plaque (no larger than 4 by 8 inches) engraved with a memorial inscription (text only). Plaques erected on the course for memorial purposes shall be consistent in size, shape, wording, materials,
    and mounting technique.
  3. Maintenance of memorials could cause additional costs to the course. It is GG&CC policy to maintain (prune, water etc) donated trees, but GG&CC will not replace any memorial trees that die. Further, should the donation be of a park bench, limited maintenance will be performed, but replacement of a worn out bench will not be done at
    club expense. Donors will be encouraged to donate benches built of composite materials that weather well should they wish to donate benches.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, the donors of the proposed memorial are required to pay for design, manufacturing and installation of a memorial donation.

Approval Process

Applications for permission to donate a memorial shall be submitted in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. Applicants must submit a letter to the Office Manager of the GG&CC that outlines in sufficient detail the memorial proposal and should include the item considered for donation (tree or bench) and proposed location for the memorial. The letter must include the identity of the deceased member being honoured as well as the desired memorial message.
  2. Upon receipt of the application letter, the Office Manager will present the proposal to the executive committee for approval during the next scheduled meeting. Should there be a desire for faster approval by the donors, the Office Manager may present the proposal to the President and Vice President of the golf club on an extraordinary basis.
  3. Should the memorial be approved, the Office Manager shall move forward with the recommendation of the final design and location of installation of the memorial. Appropriate time frames for the purchase and installation will be determined if not outlined in the letter of application.
  4. Should a memorial proposal not be approved, the executive committee may make a recommendation to the applicant regarding an acceptable memorial.