Garrison Kingston, food and beverage service is offered in a number of our liquor-licensed establishments including this one. We are dedicated to our customers’ pleasure and satisfaction. When it comes to the serving of alcohol, we endeavor to provide our customers with a safe and enjoyable environment and to assist them in drinking safely and legally. To support this position, these are the house rules:

  • Fighting or vandalism will not be tolerated. Customers who do either will be asked to leave the premises. If necessary, the Military Police will be called to provide assistance to the staff.
  • Smoking is not permitted on the premises other than in designated smoking areas.
  • No alcohol is permitted to be removed from the premises.
  • No alcohol, other than that purchased under the liquor license, is permitted to be brought into the premises unless it is done via a Special Occasion Permit (SOP).
  • Staff will monitor customers and ensure they drink safely and legally.
  • Staff will not serve customers to the point of intoxication nor will they serve customers who appear to be intoxicated or are intoxicated.
  • Our staff will not serve patrons who are troublesome or under the legal drinking age of 19.
  • The law strictly prohibits the use or sale of illegal drugs.
  • Intoxicated customers; and customers who start fights, damage property or bother other customers will be dealt with carefully and politely. They may be asked to leave the premises and if they resist, the Military Police will be called. When warranted by the situation, the staff will close down the bar service.

For your information:

  • Alternative beverages – We offer competitively priced, non-alcohol and low alcohol beverages.
  • Transportation – Staff will gladly assist customers in finding a safe ride home. Please ask the staff for assistance.
  • Staff Training – All of our service staff have been trained in the legal and safe service of alcohol. They recognize signs of intoxication and will intervene to keep customers safe.
  • Marketing this policy – We are pleased to share this policy with our customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask to speak to the General Manager.